10 Fun Things To Do During Fall


I’m one of those people that love all things fall. As soon as September comes, I’m already decorating and bringing out my comfy sweater (even if it’s 80 degrees out). I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do, whether you’re a Fall lover or not!


Things To Do


  1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze– I absolutely love corn mazes, and think they’re great for anyone of any age. Some corn mazes will let you bring alcohol with you if there is a winery or brewery at the location. Grab some of your friends or family and get lost!



2. Take a Hike– I love going on hikes during fall! Depending on where you live, it is so beautiful to see the colorful leaves and breath in the crisp cool air. I like to bundle up and listen to a podcast while I walk!


3. Go to a Winery– If you’re 21 or over, going to a winery is fun during this time of year. Go and try some delicious wines while you stare out at fall foliage!




4. Have a Scary Movie Marathon– Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and having a horror movie marathon is a great way to get spooked! I love grabbing some snacks, getting cozy under a blanket and watching some of my favorite scary movies. Some I recommend are:

Cabin in the Woods

The Conjuring

Get Out




5. Eat Fall Treats– Eat some fall treats… because, why not? Candy apples, caramel apples, apple pie, candy corn, apple crisp, pumpkin bread, and can’t forget the classic PSL.


6. Tailgate at a Local Football Game– I’ve only done this a couple of times, but what’s more fun than having fun with you’re friends while eating and drinking?


7. Celebrate Oktoberfest– There are Oktoberfest celebrations all over the place! Look up to see if your city or town has one.


8. Have a Fall Themed Photoshoot for Instagram– This one is great because you can go somewhere fall themed (some of the locations I’ve mentioned) and take fun photos! I also love going to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, haunted houses etc.



9. Buy a Gratitude Journal– You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to practice gratitude, you can start today. Buy yourself a gratitude journal and write in it as often as possible. You’ll realize just how much you have to be thankful for! “If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.” -Steve Maraboli.


10. Take a Drive– One of my favorite things to do during fall is to take a drive while I sip some sort of seasonal drink. It is so beautiful to drive around and look at the leaves and decorations. My boyfriend and I love doing this together.


These are some of my favorite things to do during this time of year. Comment down below some of your favorites!


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