Top Airline Hacks

Hello everyone! I wanted to share some of my favorite flying hacks that I have picked up, as well as some tips I have heard from frequent travelers. Comment down below some of your favorites!

Finding Cheap Flights

There are so many travel hacks on finding cheap flights nowadays! I will list some of my favorites that have helped me out quite a bit.

Download a Price Alert App

Download a price alert app like Hopper. This is a great app to use because you can plug in a city you want go to, and it will notify you when the price is at its cheapest. It will also let you know when the price is expected to go up in the upcoming months. I would plug in a city at least 6 months prior to when you want to travel, so you can compare the prices.

Book with Google Flights

I love using google flights when I don't have to be somewhere on a specific day. If you're flexible on what days you travel, you can use google flights to book a flight and it will show you which days are cheaper to fly. Sometimes leaving a day or two earlier or later can save you hundreds of dollars.

Sign up for Pomelo

Pomelo is AMAZING! Go to enter your email and you will be emailed amazing deals on flights all over the world. This works great if you're flexible on where you want to travel. The deals they email you will save you $500 on average.

Using Skyscanner

Another little hack to find cheap flights is using Skyscanner. Type in which airport you want to fly out of, then type in "everywhere" in the destination box. This will show a bunch of cheap flights all over the world. This is most helpful when flying within Europe!


Flight Hacks

Moving on to flying hacks! There are so many hacks you can use to make flying easier, more comfortable, or get yourself bumped to first/business class. Here are some of my favorites that I have found!


Seatguru is perfect when you are selecting your seats for your flight. By going to and selecting which plane you are going to be flying on, you can find information on the different seats the plane offers. You can find out if your plane has outlets, tv's , how much legroom each seat has, how much the seats recline, if a certain seat is in an exit row, and so much more!

Sign Up For a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards can sometimes come with high annual fees, but do your research and see what suits you best. Some credit cards offer you a rebate when you sign up for global entry, which gives you expedited processing through customs and screening. Travel credits cards can also offer you lounge access, points that will add up to free flights and hotels, upgrades and so much more.

Try to Get on an Overbooked Flight

This is good hack if you want to earn some airline credits. If your flight is overbooked, you can volunteer to be put on a later flight and will get airline credits in return. You can sometimes be given over $1000 worth of airline credits to be used on a later flight!

Fly with the Same Airline as much as Possible

Flying with the same airline as much as possible can give you status. This gives you a higher chance of being upgraded to first class. Try finding flights with the most first class seats available because this will give you a higher chance of being upgraded!